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Optimizing emergency department and trauma center performance

Peregrine is a specialized consulting firm comprised of nationally-recognized emergency department and trauma center leaders. With an acute focus on emergency department and trauma center leadership and operational, clinical, and financial performance, our team has the expertise and commitment to identify and implement real and effective change that impacts the entire healthcare organization. Our highly experienced interim nurse leaders provide team leadership, process improvement guidance, and hands-on operational support during gaps in leadership and times of transition. We help emergency departments, trauma centers, hospitals, and health systems implement results-oriented solutions to achieve quantifiable improvements.

Peregrine Emergency Department

Emergency Department Consulting Services

Our emergency department consulting services provide strategic guidance and hands-on implementation support focused on leadership, process redesign and performance management. Our nationally recognized emergency department leaders have vast expertise in ED operations and management and leverage best practices to help streamline operations, increase process efficiency, improve performance and the patient and staff experience.
Peregrine Trauma Center

Trauma Center Consulting Services

Our trauma center consulting services offer leadership and strategic guidance focused on operational improvement, program development, site survey support, and clinical and financial performance. Our trauma nurse leaders provide subject matter expertise in American College of Surgeons (ACS) standards and leverage best practices to help enhance operational efficiency and achieve clinical excellence while improving financial performance and delivering quality patient care.