Closing the gap on trauma center ROI

Trauma centers at any level can be profitable

The expense of maintaining a trauma center is substantial. Yet properly managed, trauma centers at any level can be profitable. Whether designated Level I, II, III, IV or V, the trauma center can be very important to the financial viability/stability of the hospital. Recent trauma center consulting efforts by Peregrine demonstrate this reality.

Since the beginning of the year, Peregrine conducted numerous trauma finance assessments in North America involving trauma centers at every level. In each instance significant revenues were left behind – averaging between $1M and $5M per trauma center.

In this white paper, we outline the crucial role of trauma centers in ensuring the financial sustainability of hospitals:

  • Financial diligence  
  • Assessment methodology 
  • Common issues and recommendations 
  • Real and measurable revenue improvements

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Closing the gap on trauma center ROI

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