Emergency Department Consulting Services

Peregrine emergency department consulting services offers a strategic approach and hands-on implementation support focused on emergency department leadership, process redesign and performance management.

Working collaboratively with emergency departments, our consultants bring decades of experience to recommend and implement effective and sustainable change to help improve walk-out rates, wait times, length of stay, boarding, patient and staff satisfaction and overall day-to-day efficiency. Our enhanced interim leadership offering provides nationally recognized, highly experienced nurse leaders with vast expertise in ED operations and management to provide leadership during times of transition, help improve staff and operational performance, increase team collaboration and communication and position new leadership for long-term success. Mentoring and coaching leadership and staff is a key component to all our projects to foster increased staff engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Our comprehensive suite of consulting services helps emergency departments achieve operational, clinical and financial excellence.
Peregrine Emergency Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive assessment

Assessing current emergency department processes through data analysis, stakeholder interviews, workflow observations, and a gap analysis of key performance measures to improve efficiency and patient and staff satisfaction.
Peregrine Emergency Performance Improvement

Performance improvement

Utilizing transformation management to facilitate the achievement of process improvements identified during an assessment by working side by side with the ED team.
Peregrine Emergency Enhanced interim leadership

Enhanced interim leadership

Providing leadership during times of transition to help improve staff and operational performance, increase team collaboration and communication, and position new leadership for long-term success.

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