How to secure trauma program funding and resources in 2023

Authored by: Angie Chisolm, MBA, BSN, RN, CFRN, TCRN, Managing Partner
As published by: Trauma System News, January 14, 2023

Most trauma programs struggle to secure adequate funding for staff, services and equipment. On top of that, the new trauma center standards from the American College of Surgeons have introduced several requirements that may call for extra financial support. Potential new expenses include additional PI and registry staff, expanded specialty support and greater access to OR block time.

This article walks through three strategies that will help trauma program leaders shift the discussion around funding and secure the resources they need:

1.  Quantify the downstream financial value of the trauma program.

2.  Leverage trauma resources to support hospital financial goals.

3.  Optimize trauma’s contribution to financial performance.

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