Challenges in Standardizing Patient Throughput and Workflow: Impact on Wait Times and Patient Experience Scores in the Emergency Department

Discover how Peregrine transformed a 544-bed, not-for-profit hospital in Southern California into a beacon of efficient care. As a Level II Trauma Center handling an average of 77,000 ED visits annually, the client was confronted with the daunting challenge of non-standardized processes, leading to prolonged wait times and subpar patient experience scores.

However, Peregrine stepped in with a game-changing solution. By implementing a series of strategic initiatives, including a comprehensive triage education program, streamlined patient flow processes, and targeted training sessions for staff, Peregrine Health Services successfully revolutionized patient throughput and workflow within the ED. The results speak volumes: from a dramatic decrease in the Left Without Being Seen (LWBS) rate to remarkable improvements in arrival-to-provider times and overall patient satisfaction scores, this case study showcases Peregrine’s unparalleled expertise in driving tangible and transformative outcomes. Dive into the full case study to uncover how this hospital achieved a remarkable turnaround, and how Peregrine’s innovative solutions can revolutionize your healthcare facility.

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